Welcome to Balance Aotearoa's

Whanganui based Peer Support & Advocacy services

During Alert Level 4 all Balance Aotearoa activities and programmes are closed. Our peer support services continue to operate and are fully staffed and will continue to connect with people, via telephone, text  or videoconferencing and, where necessary, face-to-face with strict hygiene protocols in place.



At Balance Aotearoa, our Whanganui and District based peer support services are provided on the understanding that mental well-being rests in a much bigger picture of holistic well-being, which includes all the factors acknowledged in the Maori model of health "Te Whare Tapa Wha"

Taha tinana (physical health)

Taha wairua (spiritual health)

Taha whānau (family health)

Taha hinengaro (mental health)

We see this as applying just as much for Pakeha as Maori, though of course it may take a different expression (as it does for each individual within their cultural group also).

Our way of supporting Tangata Whaiora (those seeking wellness) is by providing:

  • Peer workers, using their own lived-experience, to provide hope and recovery education in strength-based approaches to mental health and addiction issues.
  • A wide range of weekly groups and activities aiding holistic well-being.
  • Social connection.
  • One-on-one support.
  • Advocacy.

 Balance Aotearoa also provides practical tools to regain well-being and reduce hospitalisations, such as Wellness & Resiliency Action Planning (WRAP)

At Balance Aotearoa we emphasise growing safe, healthy relationships.

All of our staff are trained in Korimana Peer Support,  Intentional Peer Support and the Art of Facilitating Self-determination, which all have relational safety at the heart of their kaupapa. Our programme Korimana weaves in all the elements of Te Whare Tapa Wha.